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The original mask works on:
- A natural product to protect hair from external conditions and factors.
- Reduce tangles after a few minutes of use.
- Leaves your hair healthy, soft and shinier.

Coconut Oil:
1- Maintaining the luster and durability of the hair: The fatty acids in coconut oil, most notably lauric acid, contribute to the maintenance of hair protein and the prevention of hair loss. These acids penetrate the hair follicles and give it shine and strength.
2- Reduce hair damage: Hair is exposed to frequent bouts of damage due to different weather conditions, and hair is more susceptible to damage when it is wet. Coconut oil reduces the hair's absorption of water, which reduces hair damage.


Cocoa Butter:
1 - Smoothing hair and frizz: This type of fat is useful for improving hair due to its natural moisturizing and conditioning properties. It also makes curly hair soft and free. Cocoa butter helps to significantly increase the softness of the hair, and also adds a fleeting shine to the hair.
2 - Moisturizing the hair: This butter is useful for healthy hair, as it helps prevent hair breakage, the hydration that the hair needs, and it also leaves the hair with a good smell.
3 - Repair of damaged hair: Cocoa butter is a wonderful remedy for damaged hair.

- Cocoa Butter
- Coconut Oil

After using the shampoo, apply a coin-sized amount of the mask to wet hair from the center of the hair to the ends. Massage the hair using the fingers to ensure that the mask reaches all parts. Leave it on the hair for 5 minutes and then wash it well using lukewarm water.


- We recommend using the mask twice a week -

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