For the first time in Egypt, ( world of beauty ) an Egyptian-Brazilian collaboration to reveal the latest makeup trends is taking place.

In an Egyptian-Brazilian cooperation, and for the first time in Egypt, the Egyptian and Brazilian beauty will meet in one place through the huge event “The World of Beauty Show”, in which the common factors of women’s beauty and their features in the two countries that distinguish them from others will be revealed. As Heba Magdy, an Egyptian beauty expert, and her counterpart Wallace Abeldt collaborate on the first (Master Class) makeup course to be held in Egypt from the 14th to the 16th of February in Cairo, and to transfer experiences between the two countries in the field of makeup in order to stop the latest makeup trends in a comprehensive guide that transfers Egyptian-Brazilian experiences to Egyptian hands to create a productive youth generation in the field of make-up who will be able to compete in the Egyptian, Arab, and European make-up markets.

According to Mohammad Koshki, the organizer of the World of Beauty Event Show, women’s beauty has various standards in every country due to the environment they live in and the factors of beauty. However, Egyptian and Brazilian beauty are an icon of global beauty that is not denied due to the nature of the skin that has characterized Egyptian women for thousands of years and among Brazilian women with their dazzling beauty, which has caused most women around the world to seek out their aesthetic secrets, some of which will be revealed through this first event in Egypt to transfer experiences of Brazilian-Egyptian make-up arts to Egyptian cadres capable of competing in the labor market… pointing out that Egypt is famous with many make-up artists who have done a lot in this field including the makeup artist Heba Magdy that many make-up artists had graduated by her and who have their own projects now. A large proportion of those cadres were women whose ideas developed in this field in Egypt. Therefore, this was not the first cooperation between us in organizing (Master Class) that concern with this trend that achieves many goals related to the interest in the beauty of Egyptian women through the latest possible methods in the arts of make-up, but what is new in the world of beauty shows is that it transfers the Brazilian experiences and integrates them into the Egyptian ways and vice versa.

This happened for the first time in Egypt to learn about the development of this art through professional cadres in this field and within three days in the presence of many Egyptian stars, including Mai Selim, Dana Hamdan, Menna Fadali, May Al-Qasi, Marwa Nagy and other stars, where Al-Asayel Cosmetics Company, owner of the ALASEEL Cosmetics brand, was the official sponsor for this event and provided support to all participants in order to encourage the Egyptian-Brazilian experience in this field in Egypt ... The Egyptian makeup artist Heba Magdy assured that many girls or women often search for the basics of beauty, including the art of make-up, if not for her private project, but also to make it easier to innovate in putting make-up for herself, her friend or her daughter. However, at the end, all women have one common goal, which is how can I be beautiful? in the fastest time and in guaranteed ways far from the Internet and at the same time I can apply and watch the experience in the reality.

All these factors will be learned by the woman in one step by participating in the world of beauty show teaching session. She also added that the next teaching session will start from the 14th to 16th of this February and will last for three days, every day for four hours, and (the course) will include many points of interests in Make-up for women, which she can transfer you into a professional make-up artist in few days from the beginning to professionalism.

The course will provide a professional photographer, in which you will learn to participate in the basics of photography, lighting and cadres, with an accredited certificate. Heba Magdy expressed her happiness for the participation of the Brazilian make-up expert WALLACE ABELDT, who shares this experience in Egypt to transfer the experiences of women's beauty in general and the Brazilian one in particular. For his part, the Brazilian makeup artist WALLACE ABELDT expressed his happiness with this cultural movement and the unique cooperation that merges the two cultures through the concept of beauty. Moreover, he pointed out that this will be his first experience in Egypt in which he is looking forward to put his touches and experiences on Egyptian beauty through a world of beauty show and transfer his experiences to Egyptian fashion experts, assuring that this common cooperation will take into consideration the nature of the Egyptian skin and how to preserve women’s beauty in general through important steps that will be taught and applied to the participants to lay the foundations of global makeup in the index and the professional guide in the Egyptian makeup arts.