Beautician Jandark Deeb set up a course in cosmetology in Amman

A make-up expert at the Royal Amman Hotel Jandark Deeb held a training course on Monday.

The course, which will continue on Thursday, was attended by beauticians from all Arab countries to see the latest trends in the world of public cosmetics that Jandark has distinguished for over the years and made her social media platforms under the eyes of everyone who worked in the profession, or loved to enjoy the brush of an artist who is good at drawing a beautiful painting, taking into account all the details The expert is characterized by accuracy and a gorgeous look for her and for those who sat in front of her as a painting.

And Al-Aseel Company presented the platinum hair oil for the students to try.

The captain of the owners of cosmetic academies expressed his thanks and appreciation for the excellence of the course in terms of technology, arrangement and attendance, and mentioned that it is the first of its kind and he is happy to participate.

On the other hand, colleague Rania Haddadin mentioned that all her looks over the past years have been on Jandark's fingertips and that she is the closest to her heart as a friend, and I am very interested in appearing in the most beautiful picture was the title of the expert's performance.